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Cookie Policy

What are Cookies?

Cookies help to make the interaction between users and websites faster and easier. For example, when you make an enquiry online, cookies help our site remember the information you give us as you move through your application.

Some of the cookies we use help us understand how our customers use our website, for example the pages they visit and the links they click on.

What our cookies don't do is store any personal or confidential information about you.


Are cookies safe?
Yes, cookies are harmless text files. They can't look into your computer or read any personal information or other material on your hard drive. Cookies can't carry viruses or install anything harmful on your computer.


Why should I keep cookies switched on?
We advise you to keep cookies active during your visits to our website because parts of the site rely on them to work properly. For example, you may not be able to access your account if your cookies are disabled.


Types of cookies we use

Like most large websites, we use session cookies and persistent cookies.


Session cookies
We use session cookies, which last only for the duration of your visit and are deleted when you close your browser. No personally- identifiable data is collected. These simply enable us to identify that the same person is moving from page to page.

While you are using our website a unique ID will track your session from page to page to keep you signed in whilst you service your accounts online or to keep your session open whilst you complete forms. Without session cookies these functions would not work.


First party cookies
First party cookies are specific to the host site that created them & cannot be accessed by any other web server.

We use first-party cookies to monitor how visitors find & use our website. We record such activity in aggregate, using this information solely for the purposes of monitoring & improving the website.

There is no reason for visitors to the website to be concerned about the privacy implications of any of the cookies we use, but we recognise the importance of transparency as to the purpose and scope of the data stored in the cookies which are created or updated on your computer when you visit the website. You may choose to delete these cookies from your computer between visits to our website. You may also disable cookies in your web browser settings and this will not prevent you from accessing our website. However, certain parts of our website may not operate correctly without cookies enabled.

We recommend that if you have concerns about the privacy implications of the cookies we use, then you should investigate how to do this using the cookie management tools in your web browser.


The Cookies We Use:

Session IDs: Our web server may create session cookies which are essential for your use of some of the interactive elements of the website, such as contact forms and logging in. The cookie contains a session ID which is a mechanism for distinguishing your visit to our website from any other visitors that may be using the website at the same time. This type of cookie expires when you leave our website.

Analytics: We use Google Analytics, which creates a number of first- party cookies for tracking visitor numbers and patterns.

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These cookies are required to enable basic website functionality, without them the site wont work properly.
These cookies help us understand how the website performs, how visitors interact with the site and whether there may be any technical issues. These cookies usually don't collect information that identifies a visitor.